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Screw Packing Machine

all type of fastener counting and packing machine,

This is fully automatic counting and packing machine , machine is able to counting of screw, nut bolt, washer ,furniture kit, hardware parts, fasteners and small parts into pouch or box  according to your requirement. High precise and fast , save the labor cost for you.



 Accuracy:99.9% according to the quantity with fiber counting which is much big range direct ,fast and stable reaction speed.

Fully automatical process of feeding ,alignment ,counting, bag forming,  filling ,sealing and cutting

PLC: Adopt import PLC control unit matched with 4"color touch displayer to realize multifunctional intelligent control.

Independently PLC control unit for torsional vibrator and packing machine,

Intelligent temperature control unit ,

Electric eye tracing fix the accurate cutting position,

Status light :Alarm system if any malfunction such as miscounting, lack of parts or film ,parts stuck ,empty bag .

Memory of different kind of packing input parameter . 

Other Specifications

Packing Range

1 30 nos.  Of screw

Feeder  Capacity

15 kg around,

Packing System

Counting and pouch packing

Machine dimension

4ft w * 5 ft L*6 feet Height,

Packing Product

Screw and nails .

Pouch  Size

75mm –200mm width * 80 mm – 250mm length

Film Roll Size

200 mm or more

Film Roll Type

Any Hit Sealable Laminated film Roll

Packing speed

20-40 pouch/minute, depend on number of screw packing.


Electric and pneumatic

We are used standard part of electric and pneumatic part

Electric parts :- delta, (HMI, PLC,etc.)

Pneumatic parts :- janatics

Electric motor

We are used stepper motor ,for high speed and high accuracy , (65 kg stepper motor)

Power consumption

5 hp (aprox) total power consumption .

Power supply

1 phs. Or 3 phs.  As per your requirements,

Delivery time

25-30 days after your confirmation.  With 50% advance

Compressor Air Required

8 kg /cm, 150 pounds (we not provide)



Free of installation, at your working place, and also give all training to your operator  or engineer and its easy to operate,

The buyer must arrange the external power and air compressor at the site.


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